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Stephen Hawking

Samantha Barcaro, cl.3C I.C. “Don Bosco” – Monticello Conte Otto

Interviewer: Welcome back to the NBC News, I’m Richard Mitchell and I'm here to introduce you to a very significant person in science history. These days a film dedicated to him has recently been released: “The Theory of Everything”. The actor who plays his role is very good, and the scientist has personally been present at the filming. Let’s call the star: Stephen Hawking.
S. Hawking: Hi everyone, I want to thank NBC News for having me here today.
Interviewer: Stephen the title of the film is “The Theory of Everything” what do you think of it?
S Hawking: I'm really proud of having worked on the film and I think the audience will appreciate it.
Interviewer: I know that you are a British astrophysicist and your most important discoveries are the Black Holes and the origins of the universe. Why did you study these two topics?
S. Hawking: I’ve always found science very fascinating and especially I have been interested in the universe since childhood. It has always aroused many questions and I wanted to dedicate my life to look for answers.
Interviewer: What impressed you the most of the universe?
S. Hawking: Well, mostly the origin, I was wondering if there really was no need for God. That's why I wanted to deepen the mystery of the Big Bang and the Black holes.
Interviewer: Tell us something about your book, "A brief history of time: from the Big Bang to black holes".
S. Hawking: It focuses on modern cosmology, investigating and explaining basic concepts such as the Big Bang, the black holes, the horizon events and the superstring theory.
Interviewer: Very interesting. Explain your study about the black holes.
S. Hawking: Subject matter, the quantum effects around the black holes cause unpredictable fluctuations in the structure of space-time, so as not to allow the existence of a real boundary line. From the point of view of General Relativity two horizons are identical. The concept of black hole disappears as spatial singularity. The captured material does not precipitate and dissolves in its interior, but it is only held for some time inside the apparent horizon.
Interviewer: Gorgeous! Seems like the skill of a magician who makes matter appear and disappear in the universe. What do you have to tell us about your cosmological model without borders?
S. Hawking: In the eighties, I developed a cosmological model with James Hartle, in which the universe has no boundaries in the space-time, replacing the Big Bang with a mathematical model. This model is completely different from others similar, such as the steady-state theory.
Interviewer: Wow! Really extraordinary discoveries. But out of a curiosity, do you believe that there is extraterrestrial life?
S. Hawking: Absolutely yes, the universe is huge, so how can you exclude this possibility? But I think man would do better not to seek contact with other beings, In case they are hostile and are able to get to us, meaning that they have advanced technology as to destroy the Earth and humanity in no time. We still have so many problems to solve on our little planet!
Interviewer: I totally agree with you! I know that, beside the last movie, another film was produced It must have been a fantastic experience for you!
S. Hawking: It was really great! I enjoyed it very much. Many actors have played my role for all ages of my life and I have also participated in the movie at my current age. The film is called "Hawking" and it was written by Ben Bowie, Stephen Finnigan and me. About a year later another film called "The Theory of Everything" was produced, it was directed by James Marsh in which I've been played by Eddie Redmayne.
Interviewer: You must be really proud. In 2009 President Obama awarded you the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
S. Hawking: Going to the White House was an emotional experience and I can't thank the President enough for this honour.
Interviewer: Well Stephen, it was a pleasure to have you here! I hope to see you soon.
S. Hawking: Thank you for inviting me!
Interviewer: Unfortunately, the time available to us has run out and we have to say goodbye. Thanks for making us look up in the immensity of the universe; it makes us feel small, yet important.
S. Hawking: I agree, we should never forget that we are entities. I am the proof: my illness makes me feel all the limitations of our human condition, but my mind gives me the ability to fly, to communicate, to grow. We are neither important nor unique in the universe: we must use our intelligence to understand it and respect it.

Samantha Barcaro
cl.3C I.C. “Don Bosco” – Monticello Conte Otto (VI)