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Intervista postuma ad Alan Turing

Egle Albiero, classe 3^B  I.C. Don Bosco, Monticello Conte Otto

Notizie dell’ ultimo minuto qui a Virgin Radio: la regina Elisabetta II, a nome della Nazione, porge le scuse a Alan Turing, il crittografo e matematico inglese che morì suicida a soli 41 anni, dopo aver subito una vera e propria persecuzione da parte delle autorità britannichea causa della sua omosessualità. Ma chi era questo personaggio? Andiamo a rispolverare una vecchia intervista del 1947 su radio Londra per scoprirlo.
• Good morning ladies and gentlemen from London Radio studios, here’s George Smith.
Today we have here Alan Turing. Hi Alan!
 Hi George and a big hello to every listener; for me it is a great honour to be here.
• I just know who you are but maybe not everybody knows it, would you like to introduce yourself?
 Sure, sure…so… where can I start from? Oh, I am Alan Turing, I’m a cryptographer and a mathematical, I’m 35 and I was born in London, I studied at Cambridge University, where I won the Smith Prize for Physics and Maths.
• During the Second World War you worked at Bletchley Park, what did you do there?
• You know I can’t tell you everything because it is top secret, I only can tell you that I created decryption methods for German codes. Nazis invented Enigma machine, thanks to a secret code   it converted the alphabet letters in other signs, to communicate their secret messages. They were sure of  the absolute indecipherability of the code. But they were wrong: based upon of Bomba machine, invented by Arthur Scherbius in 1938, I created a new machine with my friend Newman. It’s name was “Colossus”: it decrypted nazis codes quickly. We won war not only with weapons, but also with brain!
• And now what are you working on?
 I’m studying the relationship between the way of working of computers and the way of working of the human brain, because for me we can reach a very artificial intelligence only following the schemes of this one.
• Interesting, but now tell me about you: have you got a hobby or something you love?
 Yes, I have recentely discovered out athletics and I ran a marathon  in11 minutes more than the winner of Olympics games.
• Compliments Alan, muscles and brain make you a real champion! Would you surprise us soon with other invenctions?
 I would like to invent a machine able to cancel every prejudice and discrimination about people, but I fear now people aren’t ready yet!

Entusiasmo, ma anche amarezza trapelano dalle parole di Alan Turing, che sentiva il peso della discriminazione di cui era vittima. Siamo contenti che la sua immagine venga oggi riabilitata e riconosciuta.
Ed ora proseguiamo con le altre notizie del giorno…

Egle Albiero
classe 3B  I.C. Don Bosco – Monticello Conte Otto (VI)