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Interview with a scientist

Davide Zanarella, Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado "G. G. Trissino",  Classe 3^E

-Hello everybody,
we are with one of the most popular scientist of all time : Thomas Alva Edison.Good morning, Sir Edison
-Good morning.
-What about you?
-Well, I was born in Milan in 1897.
-Were you born in  Italy?
-No, Milan is an american city too!So, I lived in Port Huron and when I was 13 I worked with the telegraph. Then I sold sweets in some trains.
-What?You sold sweets in a train?
-Yes, but I owned a little newspaper "The Weekly Herald".I printed it on a train.
-Did you invent something?What was your first invention?
-It was a vote recorder.
-Nice.And then?
-Mh... When I was 30 I invented the phonograph.
-What is it?
-It is a machine that it can register sounds and reproduce them.It was one of my most successful invention.Then, people called me "The wizard of Menlo Park".
-Menlo Park?What is it?
-It was the town of my resarch laboratory.
-I can see that you invented the bulb.
-It is a secret but I didn't invent it.I perfected the original projects of other scientists.I only extended the electrical grid with the bulb.
-And then?When did you use electricity?
-I used electricity for a generator.
-Where was it?
-It was in Niagara falls.
-So,you used water to produce electricity!Brilliant!
-Ah!Then I worked with the american telephone inventor :Mr Bell.
-But...Did you invent the electric chair? Really?
-People think I am the inventor of the electric chair.But it isn't true.People should study much more!
-You studied philosophy,history and economy.Is it right?
-Yeah!I produced some films too.I invented the roll of film.
-What was your first film?
-It was "Fred Ott's Sneeze".People saw my videos for a penny.It was like a game room for 1800's people.And now a few lines about my inventions.I invented 1093 different machines and other useful things.
-1093 inventions?It's a lot!
-Yes,I could be in the Guinness World Record book!
-Did you patent all your inventions in U.S.A.?
-No,I patented them in U.S.A.,in U.K.,in France and in Germany.
-You explained something about the phonograph,was it long to make?
-Yes,all the inventions are long to make.
-What materials did you use?
-I used some metal cylinders. Then my friend Alex Bell "copied" my invention.
-Really?What did he do?
-He used wax cylinders to reproduce sounds and called his invention the grammophone.
-And then?
-At first he didn't have much success. (Modestly) I was the best!!!Do you know what was the first message?
-No,what was that?
-It was "Mary had a little lamb".
-Who was Mary?
-"Mary had a little lamb" was a little song for children.Besides Mary was my wife.
-Ah,and other inventions?
-I patented the radio,the printer and...
-The radio?The printer?
-Yes.A lot of 21th century useful things are mine.Then, I invented the tasimeter.
-What is it?A magic machine?
-No!It is an infrared rilevator.
-Did you get any prize in your life?
-Yes,The American Congress gave me a gold medal!I have a lot of tribute too.In U.S.A. there are two universities with my name.I have a crater in Moon with my name!Do you know the journal "Mickey Mouse"?
-Yes,I read it when I was a child.
-Do you know Edi ,the little Archimede's helper?
-Because Edi is the abbreviation of my name!
-Wow!You had a exciting life!
-Yes,but I died in 1931...
-What?How did you come here?

Davide Zanarella

Scuola Secondaria di
Primo Grado "G. G. Trissino"
Classe 3E